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Brian RuheThe Theravada Buddhist Community of Vancouver Web Site, and the courses on Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation are humbly provided by Brian Ruhe. Brian has been a practicing Buddhist for twenty-three years and spent seven months as a Buddhist monk in Thailand in 1996. Brian has been teaching Buddhism and meditation in the Vancouver area since 1996 and trains in the Theravada Forest Tradition. If you would like to support Brian Ruhe’s work and You Tube videos, you can send a donation (dana) here.

Brian Ruhe is a long-time Vancouver teacher of authentic Buddhism, not the sugar-coated sentimental kind often marketed in North America. He is clear and engaging, not to mention a nice guy.

-Douglas Todd, Spirituality and Philosophy, Vancouver Sun

Brian’s teacher is Ajahn Sona at the Birken Forest Monastery. Their website is birken.ca . Brian is also the author of two books on meditation titled “A Short Walk On An Ancient Path – A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth” and “Freeing the Buddha“. There are also guest teachers and visiting monks. If you would like to be on the email list please email Brian.

Some people prefer a one-on-one meeting over a group setting. Brian is available for spiritual coaching for $50 / hour, in person, by phone or Skype.

Brian can  be reached through email, telephone or regular mail through the Contact page.


Furry Creek Aug 2-4 2014_Regular

Vipassana Meditation Long Weekend Retreat

at Furry Creek

Friday – Sunday, August 2 – 4, 2014

With Brian Ruhe and Jack Liu

Practicing Breath, Loving Kindness, and Walking Meditation in the Theravada Forest Tradition.

Join Brian and Jack! It’s an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice with periods of silence, in a glorious inspired environment! We will be in a large, beautiful private house, at the very top of a hill, overlooking Howe Sound.


Stat Saturday 10:00am. Arrive beforehand. Wake up at 6:00 am with 6:15 am morning meditation. We will have three hour periods in the mornings and afternoons where you can practice walking meditation and sitting meditation for as long as you like. Retreat ends Sunday August 4, 4:00 pm. Retreat schedule is available.

There will be some Dhamma talks, discussions, guided meditations, and private interview slots to talk to a teacher if you want. We will have a light dinner with fruit and some other foods. This will be a mostly silent retreat which means no talking, unless it is during Dhamma talks. People can talk in their rooms or outside if they really want to.

Dress should be modest, comfortable, and you’re encouraged to wear white if you like. Bring your own sitting gear if you have it but chairs are available.

The retreat committee will arrange vegetarian meals for the group. We have a full kitchen; people can volunteer to cook and clean up. Notify Brian if you have diet restrictions. 


The sleeping conditions in the house provide rooms with limited beds for women, and a carpeted room for men.
Please bring your own mattress if need be. Retreatants need to bring a towel, sleeping bag or blankets and pillows. Bring a towel and your toiletries. Our maximum is 18 people overnight but more people can join us for the day. Please be prepared for snoring and bring ear plugs if you need them. If you snore please let us know.


860 Ocean Crest Dr

Furry Creek, BC


There is a facility fee of $70 which includes the building, hydro and food, which needs to be paid in advance using the PayPal button on the theravada.ca website, or by email banking or a cheque payable to Brian Ruhe to #104- 1960 West 7th Ave. Vancouver, V6J 1T1.

Plus, there is a suggested donation for both the teachers, in total, of $80. For just a day visit, the suggested donation is $20.

Donations are essential and gratefully accepted to support the continuation of these retreats in the future. The retreat is offered in accord with the tradition from the time of the Buddha that those who offer the teachings do not charge for their teaching. Dana, which means generosity, is the Buddhist practice of extending generosity in gratitude for the teachings.


A car pool is being arranged. Contact Brian if you need or can offer a ride.


Please let me know if you would like to help planning the retreat, getting food, preparing meals or encouraging silence at the retreat.


Brian Ruhe has taught Buddhism and meditation for 18 years. He follows Ajahn Sona in the Theravada Forest tradition at birken.ca. He is the author of two Buddhist books and several guided meditation CDs, which will be available.

Jack Liu has been a meditator for ten years and is a Ph.D. candidate on Buddhist meditation.


Brian Ruhe’s address: #104 – 1960 West 7th Ave., Vancouver, BC V6J 1T1. Tel. 604-738-8475. Cell. 778-232-2282. Email: brian@theravada.ca

Jack Liu liuyunchang@gmail.com Cell. 604-499-6409

Ongoing Monday Meditation Group in Kitsilano

In Kitsilano, Vancouver on Monday nights, 7:30 – 9:00 pm with Brian Ruhe. By donation.

40 minutes of meditation, sometimes guided. Talk on different topics. Time for questions and discussion.

Currently doing group readings of the Dhammapada, followed by discussion.

Please email beforehand because the day can change. It is recommended that you take one of Brian’s courses first. Location at Brian’s place:

#104 – 1960 West 7th Ave. Buzz 104

or call 604-738-8475 hm, 778-232-2282 cell.

Brian Ruhe was a Buddhist monk in Thailand and has been teaching Buddhism and meditation for 18 years. Brian has taught thousands of people at temples, colleges and Adult Ed. courses around Vancouver. His latest book is “A SHORT WALK ON AN ANCIENT PATH” available for $15 or as an Amazon eBook for $7.99. Guided Meditation CDs $15.

Email: brian@theravada.ca


Following the Theravada Forest tradition

of Ajahn Chah, and Ajahn Sona at the Birken Forest Monastery www.birken.ca

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