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Brian RuheCourses and Retreats on Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation are humbly provided by Brian Ruhe. Brian has been a practicing Buddhist for twenty-three years and spent seven months as a Buddhist monk in Thailand in 1996. Brian has been teaching Buddhism and meditation in the Vancouver area since 1996 and trains in the Theravada Forest Tradition. If you would like to support Brian Ruhe’s work and You Tube videos, you can send a donation (dana) here.

Brian Ruhe is a long-time Vancouver teacher of authentic Buddhism, not the sugar-coated sentimental kind often marketed in North America. He is clear and engaging, not to mention a nice guy.

-Douglas Todd, Spirituality and Philosophy, Vancouver Sun

Brian is also the author of two books on meditation titled “A Short Walk On An Ancient Path – A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth” and “Freeing the Buddha“. There are also guest teachers and visiting monks. If you would like to be on the email list please email Brian.

Some people prefer a one-on-one meeting over a group setting. Brian is available for spiritual coaching for $50 / hour, in person, by phone or Skype.

Brian can  be reached through email, telephone or regular mail through the Contact page.

Sea to Sky Vipassana Retreat near Whistler

with Brian Ruhe and Jack Liu

Thanksgiving Long Weekend Saturday, October 11, to Monday, October 13th, 2014

Sea to Sky Retreat Center Between Squamish and Whistler BC

In 1993, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and friends began building Sea to Sky Retreat Centre on a secluded 40 acre site of extraordinary natural beauty in British Columbia’s coastal mountain range.

The elegant and non-sectarian atmosphere of the Retreat Centre has made it an ideal environment for hosting a wide variety of programs and gatherings – from contemplative retreats within diverse religious traditions to human potential workshops; from yoga intensives to body work training.


Practicing Breath, Loving Kindness, and Walking Meditation in the Theravada Forest Tradition.

Join Brian and Jack! It’s an opportunity to learn or deepen your meditation practice at a very popular retreat centre.

TIME: Start Saturday 10:30 am until the holiday Monday 11:00 am. After Monday 11 am we will go to Whistler to do a short walk/ hike, then have lunch in Whistler and walk around the town. Leave around 2:30 pm.

Arrive on Saturday between 10 – 11 a.m. and get your room. Meeting starts 11 a.m. Wake up at 6:00 am with 6:15 am morning meditation. We will have three hour periods in the mornings and afternoons where you can practice walking meditation and sitting meditation for as long as you like. Retreat schedule will be available.

There will be some Dhamma talks, discussions, guided meditations, and private interview slots to talk to a teacher if you want. We will have three meals a day with retreat staff cooks so participants don’t have to do the cooking. Last meal is breakfast on Monday. This will be a silent retreat which means no talking, unless it is during Dhamma talks. People can talk in their rooms or outside if they really want to.

This is a relaxed environment, not a meditation boot camp, where mature people can be in silence together, reading, drinking tea, staring out the window or going for walks on their own. Participants should be with the group process but they don’t have to follow the whole schedule. Bring some good meditation books for reading with you if you want to read, or dhamma audio talks on your portable device.

Dress should be modest, comfortable, and you’re encouraged to wear white if you like. Bring your own sitting gear if you have it but chairs and some cushions are available.


The sleeping conditions at the retreat centre provide double rooms. Bring your own toiletries. Single rooms cost $35 more per night.


Brian Ruhe has taught Buddhism and meditation for 18 years. He follows the Theravada Forest tradition at forestsangha.org . He is the author of two Buddhist books and two guided meditation CDs, which will be available.

Jack Liu has been a meditator for ten years and is a Ph.D. candidate on Buddhist meditation.


Email: brian@theravada.ca or phone Brian Ruhe 778-232-2282 cell.

Website: www.theravada.ca Meetup: www.meetup.com/vancouvermeditation


$195, pay in advance. Plus suggested donation (Dana) of $70 to the teachers. Based upon double occupancy. Single rooms cost $35 more per night. Send $195 to register, payable to Brian Ruhe by PayPal at the Donate button on theravada.ca or by Internet banking to brian@theravada.ca . Cost includes rental of Pavillion for group meditation.

Cancellations  Retreat fees will be refunded (less a $50 handling/banking fee) for cancellations on or before October 4, 2014. The $195 retreat cost will NOT be refunded for cancellations made after October 4, unless the spot can be filled.


A car pool is being arranged. Contact Brian if you need or can offer a ride.

Travel to SSRC by car
The turnoff to the centre is located approximately 33 km north of Squamish. Don’t miss the turnoff. You turn immediately after you cross the Rubble Creek bridge. Then you pass one road on the left and the second road has a red sign on a tree. That’s the way into the centre on the 3 km entrance road.

Here are the instructions provided by SSRC:

Take the Sea to Sky highway 99 north. The turnoff to the centre is located approximately 33 km north of Squamish.
The turnoff is announced on Hwy 99 with 2 signs for Garibaldi Lake/ Black Tusk Trailhead (the first is 2 km before the park road turnoff and the second 400 metres before the turnoff). The Park turnoff road comes immediately after a small highway bridge over Rubble Creek. Turn right into this road. (You know you have missed the Park Road turn-off if you see a hydro dam on your right hand side, and further along, you pass Pinecrest and Black Tusk Village.)
Proceed for approx. 0.7 km.
Turn left (after approximately 0.7 km) onto the gravel road that is marked by a small red sign (on a tree) which says: “SSRC”. This turnoff into the SSRC road marked by the sign on the tree is the second road you will pass. (If you have gone more than 1 km, you missed it.)
The centre is located at the end of this gravel road. (Approx. 3 km). Please drive slowly and mindfully. You may encounter a vehicle coming from the other direction. Travel to SSRC by Bus is also possible.

May the Buddha, dhamma and sangha guard and protect you always.


Ongoing Monday Meditation Group in Kitsilano

In Kitsilano, Vancouver on Monday nights, 6:30 – 8:00 pm with Brian Ruhe. By donation, at Vital Health Wellness Centre 1855 West 4th Ave. at Burrard St. Take the 4 or 7 bus; stops right there!

45 minutes of meditation, parts guided, parts silent. Dhamma talks on different topics. Time for questions and discussion. Ask any question!

It is recommended that you take one of Brian’s courses first. Location, as of August 25th 2014, we have been promoted from Brian’s apartment four blocks away to:

Vital Health Wellness Centre

1855 West 4th Ave. at Burrard St.

For info call Brian 778-232-2282 cell. or http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/monday-night-buddhist-meditation-with-brian-ruhe-tickets-12800798533?aff=eorg

 Email: brian@theravada.ca



Following the Theravada Forest tradition

of Ajahn Chah, at forestsangha.org

You will learn to practice breath meditation, body sensation and loving kindness (metta), plus study aspects of Theravada Buddhism. Guest speakers as well.

The format for meetings is:

1/2 meditation

1/2 dharma talk and discussion

After, social time with tea. Hang out in this big, special space provided by owner Heidi Henderson and meet some cool fellow meditators and spiritual seekers!

Meditators can leave after any part, if they want.

You may download this book for free, as a study aid:

With Each & Every Breath: A Guide to Meditation

Book by Ajahn Thanissaro

Download for free as a study aid for sitting group. PDF at

http://watmetta.org/ go to Dhamma

go to Texts

Or go directly to


With Each & Every Breath: A Guide to Meditation. A new breath meditation manual by Thanissaro Bhikkhu drawing on two sources: the Buddha’s own set of instructions on how to use the breath in training the mind, and Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo’s method of breath meditation — which builds on the Buddha’s instructions, explaining in detail many of the points that the Buddha left in condensed form. A page has been added to this site with download links to all of the .mp3 dhammatalks referenced in this manual: With Each & Every Breath audio files.

Please help make this ongoing group a success by joining us and passing this invitation on to your friends. This group is best for people who have taken one of Brian’s courses first, or have meditation experience but beginners can come if they like.

By Donation (Dana)

This meditation group is supported by donation (dana) in accord with the tradition that the dhamma teachings are priceless and offered freely. Donations are gratefully accepted and essential to support the continuation of regular sittings in the future.

May you be well, happy and peaceful…

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