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After the retreat weekend in December my meditations have become deeper and more vast which has been a wonderful journey so thank you!
Hope you are well,
Bronwyn Feb. 14, 2014

To: Webmaster


Hi Brian,

I have found your youtube videos very helpful.
I’ve been interested in Buddhism, and first made contact with a pureland center that is local to the Chicago area.
As a beginner, I found it very confusing to figure out how these teachings came about. In particular what bothered me was that it seemed to require faith in Amitabha Buddha. I struggled for about 30 years with issues of faith in Christianity before concluding the bold claims made are false. I was not eager to trade one faith based religion for another, yet I found some peace in Buddhism that I could not find elsewhere, and so I continued to read and search.
Your videos helped to explain and clarify issues of Mayayana vs. Theravada. I now find myself searching for a local Therevada site.



Eric Boldt mentioned you in a comment in American Theravāda Buddhism (ATB).

Eric Boldt
5:42am Dec 24

Brian, you are most welcome! I would not go so far as to call you the “Poster Boy of Buddhism”, but of this Group (ATB), you presently are. ;-) I found this photo via Google Images and felt it quite appropriate to use. I am glad that you approve! It is a pleasure for me to have you here with us and post/share your talks for the benefit of the Group. I like your style, Brian. IMHO, you are an asset to any Group that you so choose to be a member/part of, whether on Facebook or elsewhere/otherwise. Merry Buddhamas to you as well … ;-) _/!\_

Hi Brain,

Feel free to add my email to your public testimonials.  By the way I’ve shared your website to most of my family and fiancé s family. We would all like to know what the Buddha really taught.  Unfortunately when I first learned about Buddhism in high school, all we had shown to us was the Mahayana parade. I first heard of Theravada last year and only just recently began looking into it seriously just, as a result I found your website.  

I had read a while ago (when I was actually exploring about Buddhist scriptures) that the mahayanists stated that Buddha taught the original teachings only to turn round and basically say as we British do ” by the way I was having you on, I’ll give you the real teaching now, lol.” That struck me as nonsensical, I questioned why would anyone, let alone the enlightened Buddha have wasted so much effort to teach all those years a teaching which he would make obsolete by bringing in what is now Mahayana and the false lotus sutra etc. Now thanks to you I have the historical info to know that Mahayana isn’t from Buddha.  

Just one other thing I’d like to point out that is upsetting.  As you are well aware Buddha taught not to cling to the desire to go to one of the higher realms, but to escape the realms of birth and death completely, then here we have the Mahayanists talking of pure lands where people can go. This is teaching people to perpetuate the cycle of birth and death, rather than attaining Nibbana. What a false trap!


P.S: by the way I have attached a photograph of myself and my fiancé Aimee, so that you can put a face to the email. This is the only photo where we look presentable lol

Take care Brian, our love to you .

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To: Webmaster

Benjamin Connelly

Dear Sir,

I would just like to thank you for pointing me towards a meaningful life. I cannot say more than this. all other words would be inadequate to describe what being able to read your writing has done for me. So I’ll say it once more, “Thank you for pointing me towards a meaningful life”! Your teachings are a blessing, and I want to follow the Buddhist path as laid down in the Pali Scriptures.

I wish you all the very best today and all the days that follow.

P.S: Soon I will be able to read your book “Freeing The Buddha” I ordered it today.

Ben (23 years old)

United Kingdom

Nov. 2013

It really is a shame more people don’t watch your videos, your ideas and insights are truely inspirational. Having recently adopted Buddhism, I find your videos incredibly helpful.
Please keep making videos, the world needs compassion now more than ever.

Testmonials for the Westminster Abbey Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat
January 17 – 19, 2014
Lynne Griffin wrote:
Hi Brian,
I have been reading the wonderful e-mails about our retreat and am finally taking the time to respond myself!
I too thoroughly enjoyed the retreat; the accommodations, the food, the silence, the Sangha and your wonderful teachings…I had forgotten how knowledgeable your are about Buddhism and I so enjoyed the stories to illustrate the Dharma, your skill in making the Dharma relevant to daily living and your wonderful sense of humour….!!
I’m already looking on your web site to see if you have posted any information about your next retreat!

Raziel Ross wrote:
Dear Friends..

I arrived at the retreat feeling a little shattered …..worrying…..

I learnt a lot from Brian and your questions…
On Monday I started off the day meditating , walking and Qi Gong exercises,
I was operating from a completely peaceful place and my ego kept checking
are you sure you’re not worrying… NO…
All of it ……the mantras, silence, the walking, the comfortable rooms
enabling down time and privacy…the light shining through the stained glass
windows in the abbey, the mystical fog, and the trails…and the respectful
way that we treated ourselves and each other..
And the delicious conversation with Ryf and James travelling to and from the

I’m so grateful.

Be well, be happy and be peaceful

” Take time every day to sit quietly and listen ” – Jack Kornfield

On Jan 19, 2014, at 7:51 PM, Peter MacMartin  wrote:

What a fantastic weekend of (mostly) silent exploration…..I have
never experienced something like this and it was an honour to share it
with you all.  Thanks! This stuff works!  That experience draws me in to better
schedule and undertake meditation practice ’cause I want to buttress
this capacity.  Likely something we all do too.



From: Ryf Van Rij
Hi Brian and “Retreatants,”

Was great meeting you all in a silent kind of way.

Got home to Vancouver and feeling relaxed, centered and peaceful.

I learnt new things and my meditation practice has deepened.

I write a daily spiritual blog called “The Daily Way Home” which is my
passion. Tomorrows blog will be about the retreat.

Thank you Brian for sharing your passion with lightness and humor .

Peace be the Journey,


Dear Brian,

I was excited to enter into a longer meditation journey than I have ever taken before. I have wanted to do a Vipassana retreat for a very long time.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have the time and space that allowed that experience. You orchestrated everything to flow together perfectly in a deceptively simple way with great humour and patience.

Since then I am using mindfulness much more in my daily life and I greatly look forward to opportunities to meditate together again.
With love to everyone,

Testimonials from the Weekend Retreat in Monterrey Mexico
(September 30 – October 2 2011)

What did you like best about the weekend retreat?

The expectations, the ambient”  -“I like everything” – “The new knowledge I got from it” – “The meditation and the talk on karma and rebirth” – “That the instructor shared a lot!” – “Meditation” – “Very interesting and new for me and translation was good” – “Everything was great” – “All the course is very clear and complete” – “Simplicity” – “Love & kindness meditation” – “Meditation” – “Very interesting” – “The meditation” – “The way it was explained and also the experiences during the course

Suggestions for Improvement

Hi Brian!!! Thank you for your trust in us and thank you for sharing with us last weekend, especially with my family… All students are very happy talking about the retreat… Much metta… Alejandra.”

We are deeply thankful and edified by your visit and testimony of a committed life to truth and honesty and transparency.

Dr. Mariano F. Ramos Villarreal


Great to hear from you. Answering your question about enlightment; let’s say I’m not there yet, but I feel I made a great progress. Before the retreat I had a lot of information and learning that I didn´t know what to do with them; the teachings that I receive from you helped me to put this information in order and put them in practice, so it’s been a great week practicing what I learned on the retreat; my inner peace is in great shape…!!!

I´m very interested in your work, so I appreciate very much you sending me this material, I will read it carefully during the weekend.

It’s an honor and a pleasure to know you, really looking forward in keeping in touch with you and hope to see you soon.

I send you all my best wishes”

Hector Trevino
Monterrey, Mexico

Testimonials from the Meditation Retreat Brian led at the Laotian Temple in Langley

(Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 4 – 5th, 2010)

Brian, I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful retreat. It was very special to me. Tenderness, love, and kindness is what I got from the monks, from the wonderful Lao food, from you, and from the participants. I feel very light and filled with love. I am looking forward for the next retreat“.

Miralda Retana

Thank you Brian for the wonderful retreat. I would like to attend next time in February 2011 I agree it was so special to meet the Laotian community and especially to meet with Ajhan Santy. I especially enjoy the chanting. All of the discussion was of interest to me. I do look forward to sharing with you more time in the future.

Namaste, Alexandria

Hi Brian. Just to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat .. you were a great leader! Looking forward to the next one.”

Candice Bullock

Hello Brian, I couldn’t agree more. The retreat was most successful, probably more for me than anyone else. When I found out about it from your website, I thought it would be good for me and it was more than that. In the last few months life’s realities really kicked my butt and I fell of track (or path) and into depression and despair. The meditation, talks, and just being inside the temple brought me much peace and allowed me to revitalize and re-prioritize my life. I think accidentally landing on your website and then finding out about this retreat was a higher power coming to my aid and I am grateful.

I’m very glad you will be planning other retreats at the temple and I look forward to being there. I do wish I could attend your weekly sessions however the distance might be a problem. I will however look into temples nearby so that I can at least weekly or so make it there. Thank you again and please continue the good work you do for people.

With loving kindness

Hello Brian, I would like to thank you for the good organization of the event. The host, abbot Santy, the food, meditation time, discussions, everything was great. I’ve learnt so much from everybody and become more conscious about the importance and benefits of meditation in my life.

Looking forward to the next retreat weekend in February.

All the best,

Daniela Radulescu

October 25, 2010

I recently experienced “Meditation to Cut Stress” classes with Brian.   I found Brian, as a meditation/Buddhism instructor to be highly knowledgeable, gently supportive, very wise, humorous, and most of all, a  wonderful inspiration.  I highly recommend his classes.   Thank you Brian.

Sandra Johnson

October 5, 2010

I came to one of Brian’s courses on Granville Island about two years ago but after trying others I found his methods the most effective.

– False Creek Community Centre student

July 15, 2010

Hi Brian. You ask how your course has helped me. I believe it is quite simply the practice of loving kindness which you introduced me to at the Vipassana meditation class.

The metta meditation resonated with me and my practice began to touch all aspects of my life. This new awareness together with my yoga practice has led me on a most amazing journey within. I am so grateful for this awareness.

I look forward to continuing this conversation with you sometime. I trust this feedback is helpful.”

Much metta.

Jennifer Henderson

May 31, 2010

Hello Brian. A brief note to thank you very much for an interesting and informative workshop on Vipassana Meditationyou delivered on Saturday at the West End Community Centre.  It helped me refocus what I have, in essence, been doing for most of my life. Your wit and your comments emphasized certain aspects that pushed me to think differently about the meditation process.

I look forward to our next intersection at the West End Community Centre mid-June.  Till then and beyond, be well.

Alin Senecal-Harkin
West End Community Centre

Thank you for the excellent work you do in sharing the Dhamma, Brian. If it wasn’t for your teaching, it is possible that I would have never entered this spiritual path that I now consciously strive to live.  Buddhism changed my life and my conduit to the Dhamma was you.

Thomas Esakin 2010, met 2002

Hi Brian. On behalf of the staff of Negotiations West, I want to thank you for coming to our staff planning session on September 25, 2009 to give the “Stress Reduction with Meditation” presentation. The session was enthusiastically received by the staff, particularly since you deliver your message with gentleness, sincerity and humour.

As negotiators we are continuously subjected to stress from contentious meetings, frequent travel and heavy workloads. Staff members found the session was interesting and the material was useful. Some said these skills would be very helpful for their family members. Several reported that it was their favorite part of the 2 day planning session!

It would be wonderful if you had the opportunity to deliver this presentation to more organizations. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit.

Thanks again.

Bonnie McGlynn
Assistant Negotiator, Negotiations West
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada



Vancouver School Board Adult Education Evaluations, March 2001:
What did you like best about the course?
“Brian’s style is very sincere. It is clear that he enjoys his students and sharing his knowledge. A great course.”
“What a great gift this class is – Kudos to the VSB for offering this class.”
“The instructor’s manner is most agreeable! I liked best the different meditation practices and techniques. Good mix of lecture plus discussion. Good overview. Engaging instructor.”
“Brian’s style is funny and very helpful, approachable and sincere. I found the course informative. I took Brian’s class last fall and I am very pleased that this term has offered new information and expanded what he taught previously. I liked best the open discussion, time to ask questions – instructor answered them well. Instructor is very clear. The book “Freeing the Buddha” is extremely helpful. Best course material I have ever had. I think his next level should be at a Buddhist centre. Brian’s willingness to involve students outside of class and his devotion to the subject is admirable. Brian gave excellent meditation instruction, knowledgeable presentation of Buddhism. Best was the open atmosphere, simple explanations – understandable. The best part was information relating to mine and other’s well-being.”

Burnaby School Board Adult Education Evaluations, January 2000:
What did you like best about the course?
“The wonderful awakening of the soul and awareness. Brian has a great sense of humour and he’s exceptionally knowledgeable and welcoming. Brian was very informative and he provides future follow up. I loved the variety of exercises. The teacher’s humour and friendliness. Well presented, varied, easy to understand. I learned a different approach to meditation and understand karma better.”
“Great instructor – humorous and well informed. Lots of variation in structure; I liked the pre-arranged luncheon – nice touch! Instructor was engaging, respectful and personable. The relaxing meditation and informative explanations. The introduction into the thought process into Buddhism (what it is) and good intro’s into meditation. The teacher’s way of presenting. The workshop was excellent. Thanks.”

“Brian Ruhe is a well-known Buddhist teacher in Greater Vancouver.”
– Douglas Todd, Religion writer, The Vancouver Sun, May 17, 2000
“Brian Ruhe taught meditation at some of our branches and his workshops were a great experience for our staff as many discovered meditation for the first time. Brian was clear and easy to understand and his sense of humour made it fun.”
– Naslishah Alizada Thony – VanCity, Employee Well-Being Specialist, Corporate Spirit
“Brian’s superb communication skills at the International Buddhist Society, Buddhist temple in Richmond were very helpful in making us understand contemporary Mahayana Buddhist beliefs and practices.”
– Professor Jurgen Schönwetter, Columbia Bible College, Clearbrook, B.C.
“Ruhe helped me to meditate properly, I learned how to “just sit.” I had no idea how to work with my mind until I sat with him. Also, Ruhe’s great sense of humour and cutting wit helped me to remember his teachings and take them to heart!”
– Balbir Singh Jutla, President Sikh temple, Canadian Ramghria Society, Burnaby, B.C.
“I think Ruhe is on to something! Ruhe’s writing and workshops are very original, creative and seminal. I support him in making his work accessible to more influential people. Nowadays, it seems that his kind of humorous and provocative style is not only hip, but needed, given the dangerously sleepy state of affairs on our planet.”
– Teertha Mistlberger, Founder and Director of Shamballa Trainings, West Vancouver, B.C.
“Brian’s course proved to be one of the most interesting experiences that I have had in a long time! In short, it is a real eye-opener! Brian is very respectful of his students and I highly recommend his course to those who are looking for a very positive experience that they will not soon forget!”
– Gladys Symons, Ph.D., Professor of Epistemology, University of Quebec
“Brian, I’ve learned much from your perspective. The lessons have enabled me to open up my heart and my mind to a deeper understanding of myself in relation to the world and those people around me. Thank you, Brian, for sharing your knowledge and your experiences.”
– Teri Ip, Coquitlam, B.C.
“Brian is able to explain complex concepts in direct and simple language which enables people to understand things which seemed mystifying before.”
– Judith Kocher, Executive Director of the Community Services of Bangkok, Thailand
“Brian is truly gifted at teaching Buddhism! Spiritual ideas have always been something very difficult for me, but Brian makes Buddhism easily accessible and non threatening.”
– Wendy Wall, Bangkok, Thailand
“Ruhe is inspirational, whimsical and amusing by turns. But his main value as a teacher is that he sheds new light on our daily meditation practice. He gives renewed purpose to the practice of the moral precepts. He exposes us to different styles. The most surprising benefit of his teaching is a vision of how to incorporate contemplative practices into a busy life.”
– Brian Hurst, Vancouver, B.C.
“At Douglas College Brian was clear, articulate, easy to understand with good use of examples, friendly, open to questions, inviting experiences of class members, gentle with reactive questioners, orderly presentations but also able to change directions depending on questions. Questioners felt validated.”
– Dick Stewart, North Vancouver, B.C.

Simon Fraser University – Department of History August 24, 2000
As a student in Brian Ruhe’s Buddhism and Insight Meditation class at the West End Community Centre in Vancouver, I wish to testify to his superb teaching ability, his easy humour, and his deep life commitment to spreading the Buddha’s message.
As a university instructor, I know how difficult it sometimes is to teach adults, who often hold entrenched preconceived notions and resist direction. Brian’s absolute openness and respect for his students is entirely disarming; he takes every question, comment, and challenge seriously, using them to present fresh information and insight into the tenets of Buddhism. His lectures are filled with self-deprecating humour, amusing anecdotes, and everyday examples, making accessible what could be rather heavy material. At the same time, I never doubted the sincerity of his spirituality, which comes across without any tinge of New Age hucksterism. In other words, he is the perfect instructor for both neophytes and experienced practitioners.
I learned a great deal from his class and enjoyed attending it every week. His walking and breathing meditation instruction is direct and easy to follow, and I found the guided meditations to be powerful spiritual experiences that brought me deeper insights into the nature of Buddhism.
I recommend Brian Ruhe wholeheartedly as an instructor who can open the door to Buddhism and meditation to every kind of audience and classroom.
Karen Ferguson, Ph.D.

Burnaby Deer Lake Rotary Club
Eight Rinks Centre
6501 Sprott St.,
Burnaby, BC
16 November 2000
Mr. Brian Rhue,
217- 1450 Chestnut St.,
Vancouver, BC
V6J 3K3
Dear Brian,
A note of appreciation for your inspirational and humorous presentation to The Burnaby Lake Rotary Club at 7 a.m. 16 November 2000.
Our club has a wonderful feeling of joy and harmony and your comments as to how the Buddhic approach ease the stresses and strains in Business Life was most applicable and valuable.
On behalf of our members, I thank you for your presentation and recommend you to any Group who wishes to maximize their energy quotient and gain a more relaxed and profitable experience of life.
Jon George C.L.U ChFc
Speaker Chair

Vancouver Buddhist Church
To whom it may concern:
“Our Dharma School Teachers from our branches on the west coast and the interior of B.C. came to hear Brian Ruhe when he was our keynote speaker for a one day workshop here on June 3, 2000. The teachers were very interested in the methods that Brian shared about how to present Buddha-dharma to Westerners. Brian has a gift for combining East and West and translating our Buddhist tradition into today’s language.
Brian’s discourse on Awakened Heart was an inspiration and many were touched by his guided meditation on compassion. It was during the question and answer period that Brian’s spontaneity and humour shone the brightest! Everyone felt involved in the seminar and we appreciated his ability to draw out our own wisdom. I highly recommend Brian for other groups who want to hear an uplifting message.”
Orai Fujikawa
Resident Minister (Japanese temple)
Vancouver Buddhist Church
220 Jackson Street
Vancouver BC V6A 3B3
Tel. (604) 253-7033

Tung Lin Kok Yuen Canada Society
To whom it may concern:
“Since January, 1997, Mr. Ruhe has been giving weekly courses on Buddhism and Meditation at the Tung Lin Kok Yuen Temple. The Tung Lin Kok Yuen, Canada Society, which manages the Temple, promotes multiculturism and welcomes all peoples to visit the Temple. To this end, the Temple actively organizes sermons and courses on Buddhism in English as well as Chinese language. It is rare to find people with a command of English and a knowledge of Buddhism to carry a class of adults searching for answers. Mr. Ruhe is such a rare person and he has a pleasant teaching style. The Temple is pleased that he has conducted courses here at the Temple. He has a pleasant teaching style and attracted classes of 20 to 30 students. From feedback, it would appear that the classes have helped students in their lives.”
Rudy K.K. Khoo, Honorary Secretary
April 27, 1997
2495 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
Tel. (604) 255-6337

Douglas College Continuing Education July 4, 2000
Brian Ruhe has taught Buddhism and Meditation courses at Douglas College since February 1997 as part of the Natural Health and Healing Program in the Faculty of Health Science. Brian has willingly volunteered to Open House events and free public information sessions to promote his courses and the Natural Health and Healing Program.
Brian’s student evaluations were positive in nature. Students described his teaching as fun, informative and humorous. Students also found Brian to be very approachable and helpful as they were learning about Buddhism and meditation.
Brian Ruhe’s classes will no longer be held at Douglas College due to organizational changes and adjustments to educational planning in Continuing Education. I wish Brian success in future endeavours and will refer inquiries for his courses directly to him.
Geraldine Street
Community and Contract Services Programmer
Natural Health and Healing Program
Faculty of Health Sciences
Phone (604) 527-5046
email: g_street@douglas.bc.ca

To whom it may concern
I met Brian Ruhe and regularly attended his classes when he worked full time from May to December, 1997 as the Public Relations official at the International Buddhist Society temple at 9160 Steveston Hwy. Richmond, B.C. Brian performed many duties and he showed true devotion to the Buddhist path. He took the initiative to start regular classes on Buddhism and meditation at the temple. Buddhism classes in the English language were something new to the temple and I was impressed with Brian’s ability to communicate and also his ability to speak about the various schools of Buddhist teachings. After a slow start to our classes, Brian turned it into a success with a regular attendance of over twenty-five people, which we were all very grateful for.
Brian conducted classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons and they still have the regular Saturday morning class going today. Brian gave talks to many tour groups, school groups and Christian groups who came to the temple to get a better understanding of Mahayana Buddhist practices – literally thousands of people, as the I.B.S. is the largest and most visited Buddhist temple in Canada. I attended several of Brian’s tours and he provided true communication between East and West as he could immediately go into depth in answering people’s questions rather than giving a superficial talk. In a time when the West has become more fascinated with Buddhist beliefs, Brian became an important link between Buddhism and those wanting to learn more.
Brian is a true teacher in every sense of the word. His presence enhanced the reputation of the temple amongst the school groups and there was a growing interest in their books and activities. Brian would also lead the meditation sessions, and his lucid explanations made the practice of meditation more easily understood by the uninitiated.
I was sad to see Brian resign from the temple when he embarked on a six month project to write a book. He has successfully published his book “Freeing the Buddha” and now his Buddhism courses are attracting larger classes than ever. Brian served like a minister to myself and others and I certainly recommend him for those who want an excellent communicator with a sincere heart who is devoted to the Buddhist cause.
Ian Mukaida
Vancouver, BC
(604) 737-2948

Community Services of Bangkok
An Association Committed to Making a Difference
September 25, 1996
To Whom It May Concern,
This is a letter of reference for Mr. Brian Ruhe from Vancouver, Canada who taught a course on Buddhism and Meditation at the Community Services of Bangkok. Brian taught nine classes from July to September 1996 which were all well-attended. Each class lasted 2 1/2 to 3 hours. The people who attended the classes reported that they found the course very interesting and especially enjoyed the group discussions. Vipassana insight meditation was practiced in each class.
Brian covered a lot of information in his course. He taught the four noble truths, the eightfold path, meditation, the Buddha’s life story, the five aspects of non-self, the six realms of existence, Buddhist cosmology, compassion, discipline, working with emotions, national and personal karma, Theravadin, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.
Brian is able to explain complex concepts in direct and simple language which enable people to understand things which seemed mystifying before. I highly recommend Brian for those who want know more about the practice and study of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation.
I am happy to provide additional information or further references for Brian. We at CSB are all sorry to see him leave and we wish him much success in his future endeavors.
Judith Kocher
Executive Director


May 30, 2002

Dear Brian,
This is rather a spontaneous e-mail, so let me explain my reason for writing
to you. My name is Garth Yule. I am from Vancouver, and I am currently
travelling in China; at this point I am in Chnegdu, Sichuan Province. I was
visiting Wenshou Temple two days ago (for their reknowned vegetarian
restaurant) and after lunch I stopped to make some sketches of some of the
sculptures in the courtyard of the temple. At this point I was approached by
a friendly man (a Mr. Ku, from Taiwan) who invited me to tea with his wife
and mother-in-law. We discussed, among other things, our mutual
vegetarianism, and we shared stories of our respective lives. He suggested
that I look into “Quan Yin” meditation, but did not provide me with further

This encounter was, to me, a good example of serendipity. I have had lots of
time on this trip to think and write, and the night previous to meeting Mr.
Ku I had returned with serious consideration to the idea that I should begin
meditation on a regular basis, as a serious study rather than a passing
interest, To date I have not meditated much at all because I have
intuitively felt it was not the right time for me.
So, today I stopped in at the internet cafe nearest my hotel and did an
Internet search on “Quan Yin”. The first page that I read that sounded
really informed, grounded, and interesting, was your own! What luck that we
live in the same city even though I am so far away right now.
Anyway, this is a very long note for a very short request – I would like to
meet with you in person when I return to Vancouver because I have many
questions about Buddhism and meditation that are more complicated (or so it
seems to me) than I find answers for them on the internet. I was further
inspired to contact you personally when I saw that you had past experience
working as a public relations professional. I am a communications planner
and graphic designer by trade so I feel that we share some common ground.
Thank you for your time in reading this, and I will contact you again once I
am back in Canada. Feel free to send me a message in the meantime so I know
you have received this message.

Yours truly,

Garth Yule

Testimonial for Brian Ruhe’s Meditation Classes

Having learnt much in Brian’s meditation classes I’ve found I enjoy working with my mind and my heart.

Theravada Buddhism has helped me in many practical ways in daily life. For example: I was having difficulty with a hostile neighbor. Using the meditations I was able to show understanding and compassion towards this person and the problem dissolved itself. The suttas (teachings) have also helped me to deal with grudges held towards others. The Buddha himself suggested not to think of the people one holds grudges against. I tried this method. This took mental discipline but worked.

My favorite meditation right now is loving-kindness as it makes me feel warm and safe inside.

I’m in awe of The Buddha’s clear, beautiful words and hope to continue with my practice for mental calmness, physical and emotional well being and making the world a better place.


Sharon Taylor

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  1. Milie T. says:

    I did my first and second retreat with Brian! Both were amazing experiences to strengthen my inner peace and build my energy reserve to face my stressy life.

    Many thanks to Brian and Jack for the quality of the teaching and the amazing experience!

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