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Note: All of Brian Ruhe’s Video’s can also be viewed on his YouTube¬†Channel.

Fifth class of the Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation course in adult Education

(Vancouver School Board, November 2008)

Part 1

Part 2 – No justice in this lifetime- karma has to push beyond this life, beginningless previous lives, no beginning to the universe, you before the big bang, samsara and five realms of existence, devas and…

Part 3 – The three positions about what happens after death, majority of the world believes in some form or rebirth, rebirth not reincarnation, five kandhas, no self, non self, don’t know about karma and rebirth…

Part 4

Part 5 – This section describes cases suggestive of rebirth investigated by Canadian Dr. Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia. Some of the best evidence for previous lives.

Part 6 – More cases of previous lives, mechanics of karma, quoting Buddha on our relationships that came from past lives, Q & A with students, transferring merit to the departed.

Part 7 – Karma relating to Buddhist cosmology, heaven, the devas, hell, Joseph Stalin, the Columbine massacre, cats killing birds, not everything happens because of karma, nirvana is permanent, no to euthanasia…

Part 8 – wrong assumptions about euthanasia, euthanasia of parents, actions of the insane, up and down rebirths, last thought from the Buddha.

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